Tainui Kiingitanga  -
Te Aotearoa

10 Huurae, 2024     E-Meera


Tainui Kiingitanga Official Stance In Promoting Mass Vaccination Amongst Tainui Kiingitanga Confederation Iwi -- Has Now Precluded Me From Any Form Of Ambassadorial Efforts, Or Representing The Views And Wishes Of The Tainui Kiingitanga.  The Pre-Meditated Mass Genocide Extermination Plot And The Resultant Horrific Ramications World-Wide.  I Must Stand Apart From Te Kiingi Maaori,
Tuuheitia Pootatau Te Wherowhero VII.

I Await The Arrival Of Another, Less Financially Corrupt Person, To Appear As:  Te Kiingi Maaori.  The Mass Genocide And Turbo Cancers, Etc. -- With Very Early Obvious Proofs Of The Dangers Of The Vaccines -- Should Be Enough Of A Reason To Ask For The Inept, Te Maaori Kiingi To Step Down.  His Own Decisions Regarding The mRNA Vaccines, And The Slow Death / Vaccination Demon Possession Induced Suicide - World-Wide Suicides Involving Hanging -- Voices / Ideas Telling Them To Kill Themselves, By Hanging.  The Absolute Current Nightmare Of The Whole Tainui Iwi Confederation, Of Which He, Te Maaori Kiingi, Now Watches.

Tainui Kiingitanga Confederation Iwi Tradition -- Is That Any Person Can Become Te Kiingi Maaori.  Tuuheitia Pootatau Te Wherowhero VII -- He Needs To Step Down, For Financial Corruption Issues Alone.  To Be Replaced By His Inappropriate Son Is Not An Answer To The Current Problems, Regarding The Mass Genocide Complicit Present Royal House.  A New Bold Younger Leader, Who Is Un-Vaccinated, A Pureblood, Should Emerge And Take The Whole Tainui Iwi Confederation Into The Future.  I Appreciate Old Aged Persons, However Te Kiingi Maaori Has Literally Killed The Maaori People, His Own Tainui Kiingitanga And Iwi Confederation Who Follows His Direction.

My Current Activities Involve The Melanesian Nations -- With Vanuatu, Tanna Island Being The Most Poignant.  Whereas The Australians Invaded The Island (Tanna) And Forciblly Mass Injected The Islanders -- I Am Not Happy About The Current State Of The World . . . My Hope Still Lies In The Un-Vaccinated, Especially The Aims And Desires Of The Melanesians, Of Whom I Have So Much Affection For . . .